Fresh Buffalo mozzarella, tomato and green-pesto

Italian Salad
Lettuce, olives, cucumber, onion, tomato and mozzarella

Insalata di Mare
De-shelled prawns, mussels, pieces of line fish, calamari strips, celery and olive oil

Insalata Enrico
Lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, gorgonzola and olive

Insalata di Pollo
Strips of chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, olive and mayo

Insalata di Tonno
Tuna, tomato, lettuce and onion

Chicken livers, tomato, onion, artichoke and a bit of chilli

Kudu & Avocado
Thin slices of smoked kudu topped with fresh avocado, black pepper, lemon and olive oil

Bresaola & Avocado
Thin slices of smoked Italian beef topped with fresh avocado, black pepper, lemon and olive oil

This beautiful, unique focaccia, created with olive, has been with me for 28 years

- Garlic

- Plain


- Focaccia with melted mozzarella
- Focaccia with melted gorgonzolla

After many years of perfecting the dough and the uses thereof, I gave birth to the most unique creation "Farcita" a very light 2 layered Pizza that will please and delight your plate

Bacon & Avocado

Spinach & Gorgonzola

Feta & Brinjal

Kingklip Gamberi
Fresh fillet of kingklip in a shrimp, caper and cream sauce

Kingklip Pizzaiola
Fresh fillet of kingklip ina fresh tomato, touch of garlic, chilli and fresh origanum suace

Calamari Fritti
Crumbed deep-fried rings, served with home-made tartare sauce

Sole Andrea
Baby East Coast soles, pan-fried in a lemon, butter and white wine sauce

Fish Enrico
I take the best line fish, I bake it with olive oil, white wine, parsley, a touch of garlic and lots of imaginations, you will love it

Veal Artisti
Pan-fried in a cream, green peppercorn sauce with a touch of mustard

Veal Ruffiana
Pan-fried in a sauce of mushrooms, cream, fresh tomato and a touch of chilli

Veal Poverella
Pan-fried in a sauce of mushrooms, cream and ham

Veal Lemon
Slices of veal pan-fried in a lemon, butter and white wine sauce

Veal Marsala
Slices of veal pan-fried in a mushroom and marsala wine sauce (sweet)

Polletto al Mattone
Butterfly cut baby chicken, grilled to perfection with the help of a brick, served with a light fresh tomato sauce

Oven baked veal, rolled and stuffed with Italian bacon, mushrooms, a bit of garlic and rosemary, served sliced in a white wine and creamy sauce

Tomato and mozzarella (The base of all pizzas)

Mushroom and salame

Ham and mushroom

Olive, anchovies and capers

Artichoke, ham and mushroom

Onion, olive peppers, artichoke and mushroom

Bacon and garlic

B and B

Bacon and banana

peppadew feta and olives

Tuna and onion

Ham and fresh pineapple

Salame, onion, garlic and hot chilli

Mince beef meat, peppers, garlic and chilli

Ham, bacon and salame

Chicken and mushrooms

No tomato, fresh rocket and parmesan shavings

Bacon, spinach and feta

Mussels, calamari rings and de-shelled prawns

Enrico Special
Olives, ham, onion, peppers, artichoke

Folder pizza filled with cheese, tomato, ham and mushrooms

Spaghetti Bolognese
Tasty beef mince meat and tomato cooked the traditional way

Spaghetti Green Pesto
Basil, pine kernel, garlic and parmesan blended in olive oil

Penne Arrabbiata
Fresh tomato, garlic and chilli

Spaghetti Amatriciana
Bacon, tomato with a touch of chilli and garlic

Penne Puttanesca
Anchovies, fresh tomato, capers, olive, garlic and chilli

Penne Primavera
A selection of fresh vegetables in a light tomato sauce

Penne Fegatini
Chicken livers, artichokes, a bit of onion and touch of cream

Penne Pollo
Strips of chicken breast, cream and mushrooms

Fettuccine Poverella
Great sauce of ham, mushrooms, cream and parmesan cheese

Linguine Frutti di Mare
Delicious seafood sauce, done with fresh tomato, mussels, calamari, de-shelled prawns and a touch of chilli, on a bed of linguine

Gnocchi Gorgonzola
Potato dumpling in a rich gorgonzola and cream sauce

Ravioli Ruffiana
Hand-made rounds of pasta filled with meat, in a sauce of tomato, mushrooms, cream and a touch of chilli

Panzerotti Enrico
Hand-made squares of strips of veal, mushrooms, touch of mustard, hint of cream and a touch of tomato

Ricotta Cake
Baked ricotta cheese and mixed citrus peel and chocolate chips cake

Done in the traditional Italian way, you will love it

Italian Cassata
Traditional Italian ice cream cake sprinkled with strega liquor

Italian Kisses
Assorted flavours per portion

Maybe the oldest Italian ice cream

Pistachio & Rose
Yoghurt with pistachio nuts, spritz of rosewater and honey

Assorted hand-made flavours


Lemon & Vodka

Green Apple & Grappa

Corkage charged