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Taste the tradition of being Italian!

As their logo say “Any closer and you will get wet!”  The terrace of Enrico’s in Plettenberg Bay is a prime site for watching dolphins and whales with swooping views across the bay to Robberg. Guests enjoy from sunrise breakfasts to sundowners and dinners on the deck. The atmosphere inside is friendly, homely and relaxed with Enrico always making an effort to come out of the kitchen and chat with friends and patrons.

People do not only fall in love with the view, but most definitely the food as well. The food is created from the freshest ingredients and a born-understanding of what works. Enrico takes natural raw products and create unique, tasteful and delicious dishes inspired by him. Being Roman, there is no such thing as eating silently in the restaurant, not just by the volumes of laughter and enjoyment brought on by the party at the table, but more so by the food that is being enjoyed. It’s colour, aromas, textures and flavours. Simple, everyday produce stirred together creating flavourful feasts.

Favourites on the menu include the Kudu and Avocado for Starters. This is served with black pepper, lemon and olive oil. Enrico’s signature dish is the Fish Enrico. He uses only the freshest line fish he can get and bake it with olive oil, white wine, a touch of parsley and garlic and lots of imagination! For meat lovers there is the Rump Enrico to be enjoyed. Then of course dessert… Tiramisu done the true Italian way. Look out for the Daily Specials.



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